August 18, 2017


The coconut oil craze started a few years back in the West, but in the East, it has been the "go to" for hair care and body care for ages.

In India, coconut oil has and still is mainly used for hair care and in some parts for cooking.

It is used as a hair mask in the summer months because of its cooling effect on the scalp conditioner and avoided during the cold season when it is replaced with the "warmer" almond oil.

When they use it as a body oil, it is to keep the mosquitos away, however, you need to be careful using oil in hot weather as your skin will roast if you do not apply a UV lotion or cream after.

Pure coconut oil used in cooking? Across Asian countries, the fresh coconut pulp and the milk are mainly used in cooking, not the coconut oil. I get it when making desserts, but for the rest, I cannot imagine my scrambled eggs tasting like coconut.

After using the oil myself on the face and body, I must say that if you have combination, dry to a very dry skin or suffer from eczema, then pure coconut oil is definitely not for you. 

Don't worry! The list of alternative oils out there is endless (i will write a shorter version in a future post) and enough for every skin type.

Individuals suffering from nut allergies should also avoid using coconut oil in pure form.

Coconut is a nut, if it wasn't it would have been simply named "Coco"! :-)

On the other hand, coconut extracts can benefit a wider audience.

Surfactants extracted from coconut can be mild and best for sensitive skin. However, only a hand full of them are more "natural" and approved for use in Natural & Organic skin care under the following names:  Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate.

You have been told probably many times that SLS's are not good for your skin and your overall health. This is partially true as particles have been found in various cancers, however, to date, there is no concrete scientific proof to connect them directly to cancer. If they are entirely synthetic then they may pose a health risk, but the naturally derived ones are still approved for use in many countries and can be found in almost all of your household cleaning products.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphoacetate also was known as sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium dodecyl sulphate is naturally derived from coconut and it an SLS approved for safe use.

Hydrogenated coconut oil is the super-refined form and its the most used version of creams and lotions as it keeps its shape. Doesn't get hard in the cold and doesn't melt in the heat. However, the refining process takes most of the nutrients out.

Coconut water is great for instant hydration. A better alternative to all energy/sugary drinks sold in gyms or supermarkets. Also, have you ever tried to use it to rinse your face, hair or as a toner? If not, it's not too late. Disclaimer: Its natural sweetness may attract flys and other insects!

Coconut milk great for lactose intolerant individuals, skin conditioner and curries!

So this old "new" trend is not for me and many others which have discovered through trial and error that coconut oil is NOT for everyone! If it was a "good for all" solution, then it would save us all "shopping headaches", we would all smell the same, we would only grow coconut trees and the cosmetic industry would probably go bust.

We would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts and experiences with the almighty coconut oil in the comments section below.













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