August 07, 2017

Zero Diet!

A few weeks ago I went to "Love Natural You" expo in London. It would have been better if they kept to the past years theme and not pack in so many large, well-known companies with less "start-ups" crammed at the back. Compared to past years, it seemed like a shopping trip to "Waitrose" or "Planet Organic".  or maybe Asda which i didn't get it why they had a stand!

The "free from" dominated this year. What does "free from" means? Around ten years ago when the fashion of eliminating components from various products started, it meant "gluten-free" or "vegan" (no meat, not to be confused with "vegetarian"). But eliminating something, you need to replace it with something else to make it taste and feel as close as possible to the original thing. Most of the time it's a hit and miss.

Like many individuals which have been fed too much gluten and developed an intolerance, i have tried some of the "gluten-free" products in their infancy and got traumatized by the tasteless, cardboard-like texture. Well, these products have come a long way and are more acceptable now, but watch out for the high amount of salt and/ or sugar!

An array of Natural & Organic cosmetics were also present. Most of them quite boring with no innovation ingredients whatsoever. Same "packed with essential oils" (i am allergic to essential oils), goats milk soaps, argan hair oil, shea butter, the never-ending coconut oil, snor, snor.

Only one brand stood out and made me happy to endure the pushy crowd; Whamisa! This is fastly becoming my favourite skincare product!

Hearing some of the wrong interpretations from vendors and customers alike, pushed me, even more, to start writing this blog.

Natural being confused with "organic". Well, the forest around "Chernobyl" is natural, but do you think its "organic"?

"Free from nasty chemicals" This one is a new trend in marketing these days and made me laugh while passing by the saleswoman firmly believing that what she was saying was correct

NOTHING is chemical free, including you! Everything is made of chemicals, being synthetic or natural. Remember the Periodic Table of Elements from chemistry? Yes, H2O is a multitude of (natural) chemicals you are drinking every day. Enjoy!

The poor "Synthetic" being confused with "chemical" and bashed into the oblivion of how nasty it is.

Synthetic is not always bad and some companies should stop using the word "nasties" against parabens (only a short list of them are banned in EU) or other forms of approved preservatives.

Also, do you think you will get high sunblock protection without the help of synthetic ingredients?

Many more natural and organic products have incorporated synthetic or synthetically derived preservatives to give them that ridiculous long life shelf which many vendors are pressuring the producers to have.

Another reason, no amount of natural preservative keeps the "nasties" (now, this where you should use this word) aka bacteria, fungus and mould, out of your products, making them safe for you to use, for as long and as good as a synthetic preservative!

Only one thing is true, if a product, either cosmetic, food or even clothing is entirely made of "synthetic" components, it has NO nutritional value and will probably impact your health negatively.

What I had to learn, was the provenience of all these chemicals and what they meant: natural, naturally derived, nature identical (chemical equivalent of natural, but chemically synthesised) synthetic and/or organic. Guess what? Natural can give you an allergy as much as synthetic and synthetic can save your product from a bacteria.

Guess what? Natural can give you an allergy as much as synthetic and synthetic can save your product from a bacteria.

So, which product should I choose? I am a strong believer and advocate of Natural & Organic lifestyle, however, the right product is a matter of preference and mostly depended on:

  • Skin type & condition
  • Concern (wrinkles, spots, solar protection etc)
  • Environment (humid, dry, cold, warm)
  • Results (fast, temporary or long-term)
  • Lifestyle (sleep, diet, exercise etc)

Do you want results? Then invest time getting informed and probably apply some overall changes to your lifestyle.

Not everything "free from" or "zero fat/sugar" is good for you. Chose quality over quantity and Organic where possible, instead of roaming around shops buying things you haven't intended to buy in the first place and cry about it later on when you don't see any positive results.

We would like to hear from you. Share your thoughts and experiences with "Free from" and "Zero" products in the comments section below.









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