August 14, 2017


We all commit one or more skincare sins at least one time per week and mine is usually nr 2 on the list. Today will look at the most common ones and how to avoid them.

1. NOT removing makeup!

I know it can be the last thing on your mind when you are tired from working or coming back from a night out with friends, but not removing your make up, suffocates your skin and can lead to breakouts.

Solution: Keep some makeup removing wet tissues or cleansing lotion next to your bed. Like this, you won't have any excuse not to cleanse your skin before bedtime! :-)

 2. NOT cleansing properly!

It doesn't matter how many steps you add to your skincare routine, if the cleansing is not done properly, everything you add on top of a dirty skin, it makes it worse.

Solution: Dry, very dry skin sensitive skin use an oil cleanser followed by a foam cleanser. The oil is great to massage the face at the same time and loosen the pores.

For oily skin use a gel or a light lotion to remove the makeup followed by a mild soap aimed at oily skin. Always follow up with a toner. Scrub/exfoliate at least once per week.

Not in the mood for these steps? Don't despair. The French have invented the "lazy" solution - The "so last season" Micellar Water! It combines the oil & water into one step for a quick cleanse. This should not be used on regular basis.

3. NOT giving your skin regular TLC

Had a bad experience with "Use at home" masks, cannot wait for that clay to dry or simply can not be bothered to take 20-30 min once or twice per week to use one. 

Solution: Go for essence sheet masks. There are plenty of them to address every single skin concern you may have. Put one on after cleansing before bedtime. Keep it on for 20 min - 30min while watching your favourite show or reading your romance novel. Remove, pat the remaining essence onto skin and sleep. Another alternative would be "sleeping packs".  Yes, these are my favourites, Why, because they do a great job while I am sleeping, leaving my skin fresh, moisturized and clear just in time for when I wake up to go to work! Simple! 

 4. NOT applying a sunblock!

Too busy to add this step to your morning skincare routine cannot be bothered to carry one more product for touch up in your already overly packed bag. Skipping sunblock before you go outside will damage your skin faster than any other skin ageing factor leading to wrinkles, spots and uneven skin tone. 

Sunscreen should be worn even on cloudy days! UVA and UVB rays are still penetrating through the clouds deep into your skin.

Solution: Make it a habit to apply a sunscreen, after your moisturiser. To save time, use a BB or CC cream with SPF or a cushion powder depending on your skin type. These will make it easier for you to touch up the makeup and sunscreen throughout the day.

5. NOT washing makeup brushes! 

Forget about it when you are not using makeup on daily basis or because you use it frequently and there is no time to clean them.

Deeping that brush into powder or liquid makeup, then touching your "oily" skin, it's a recipe for breeding bacteria.

Solution: Make a habit of washing and disinfecting your makeup brushes at least once per week, depending on usage frequency. Try having more than one brush. Once used put it away in the "to be cleaned" jar. Set yourself an alarm to clean them.

Disinfecting the brushes is very easy. I use medicinal rubbing alcohol which should easily be available no matter where you are in the world. My favourite one is HAZ because it evaporates fairly quickly.

6. Touching your skin frequently!

Our hands touch multiple surfaces full of dust and bacteria which can easily enter our pores and cause acne or other skin issues. Involuntarily touching or rubbing parts of your skin with dirty bare hands, when stressed or tired. 


Use an "alcohol-free" hand sanitizer or an antibacterial tissue on your hands before even thinking to touch your face.

Use a sponge to re-apply or top up your make up. Use a squeezy stress toy instead of touching or scratching your skin when stressed.

7. NOT drinking enough water! 

You believe that drinking other liquids (coffee, tea energy drinks, diet cola etc) make up for your water daily intake! WRONG!  The human body can survive without food, but not without water. Water is important to help us eliminate toxins and keep us hydrated. It also provides part of the Oxygen necessary for our body to function. Remember the O (xygen) in the water chemical symbol H2O?

Solution: Have one bottle of 2 litres at hand or split this into smaller portions and keep at least one of them filled, with you at all times. I have 1/4 litre in my bag, one by my bedside and 1-litre filter water in the living room, which I refill as soon as they are empty. 

Our brain often doesn't make the difference between being thirsty and being hungry. It triggers the same signal. Try to drink at least one glass of water before a meal (this helps to keep you skinny as well) and one after.

If you can avoid committing or at least try correcting one of these "sins", your skin will have a better chance of staying healthy and looking great for longer.

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